What is the scheme?

It consists of:

  • an intermodal freight terminal including container storage and Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) parking, rail sidings to serve individual warehouses, and the provision of an aggregates’ facility as part of the intermodal freight terminal, with the capability to also provide a rapid rail freight facility;
  • up to 468,000 sqm (approximately 5 million square feet) (gross internal area) of warehousing and ancillary buildings, with additional floorspace of up to 155,000 sqm provided in the form of mezzanines;
  • a secure, dedicated HGV parking area of approximately 120 spaces including driver welfare facilities to meet the needs of HGVs visiting the site or intermodal terminal;
  • new road infrastructure and works to the existing road network, including the provision of a new access and associated works to the A508, a new bypass to the village of Roade, improvements to Junction 15 and to Junction 15A of the M1 motorway, the A45, other highway improvements at junctions on the local highway network and related traffic management measures;
  • strategic landscaping and tree planting, including diverted public rights of way within the strategic landscaping; and
  • earthworks and demolition of existing structures on the Main Site.

The Main Site comprises that part of the proposed development for the intermodal freight terminal, warehousing, HGV parking, and related landscaping and earthworks.

The major road improvements consist of:

  • A new junction on the A508 to provide access into the Development along with duelling of the A508 between the Development Access and M1 J15.
  • Improvement to M1 J15
  • Improvements to M1 J15A
  • Improvements to A45 east of Junction 15,
  • Improvements west of Junction 15 along and adjacent tot the A508.

When will construction works start and finish?

  • The Development commences on 4th January 2021
  • Works to the A508 adjacent to the Development, M1 Junctions 15 and works on the A45 east of Junction 15 are scheduled to be completed in Summer 2022.
  • Construction of the major warehouse buildings are due to commence in Spring 2022 and are likely to be completed by 2027.
  • The rail terminal will be available for use by January 2023

When will the first warehouse be occupied?

The first warehouse is scheduled for occupation in the Winter 2022/Spring 2023

What are the benefits of the development?

  • The scheme will encourage the increased movement of freight by rail
  • The rail freight terminal will be for the benefit of both occupiers of the site and companies from the wider Midlands region
  • In advance of occupation of warehouses, or operation of the rail terminal, extensive improvements will be undertaken to the road network in the immediate vicinity of the site (see A1)
  • The scheme is expected to generate in excess of 7,450 jobs

When will the Roade Bypass open?

Preliminary investigation works for the new Roade bypass will start at the end of February 2021 to allow design works for the new road bridge to be completed. Construction work on the road will commence in July 2022 and is scheduled to be completed in the Winter 2023/Spring 2024.

What time of day will work start and finish?

Generally the site working hours will be in line with planning:

7am to 7pm, Mon – Fri and 7am to 4pm on Saturdays.
In order to minimise disruption to road users, highways works will be carried out outside of these times.

Should any works be required outside of these hours we will inform you in advance.

What will you be doing to address noise and dust as part of the construction process?

Noise and Dust monitoring requirements have been agreed with the local authorities and will be monitored throughout the project; however, should you have any concerns you can speak to a member of the Winvic construction team or email

What measures are in place to comply with COVID-19?

During this period every company and individual in the UK is expected to comply at all times with the latest advice on COVID-19 from the Government and Public Health England. As such, the contractors on the SEGRO Logistics Park Northampton Gateway development will be working in line with agreed operating procedures to protect themselves, their colleagues, their families and the wider UK population and to minimise the risk of the spread of infection. These include measures to implement social distancing, considering how personnel travel to and from the site and processes to monitor and review compliance.


Who do we contact about the development?

Please email your query to:

Who do we contact about traffic information?

Please email your query to:

How does the Developer communicate with the local community?

The main vehicle for communicating with the local community is our website and the established Community Forum. Attendees include representatives from:

  • Roade Parish Council
  • Blisworth Parish Council
  • Milton Malsor Parish Council
  • Collingtree Parish Council
  • South Northamptonshire Council
  • Northampton Borough Council
  • Northamptonshire Highways
  • Highways England

How do we find out what is going on?

How do we complain?

Please email your query to:


What changes will there be to public transport during construction?

There are no changes planned to public transport during the construction works. If any changes are required during a particular phase of the work these will be included on the website

What changes will there be to public transport once the development is occupied?

There are a number of enhancements to existing bus services and the introduction of new services that connect into the site. As these are introduced, in agreement with the Sustainable Transport Working Group, details will be provided on the website

Will my bus route be affected?

Any changes to bus routes will be communicated in advance via the website


How will public rights of way be affected?

The scheme requires diversion of several rights of way. For rights of way currently affected by the works please see our website


When will the first train arrive?

The terminal is scheduled to be available for freight trains from January 2023

Will passenger trains use the terminal?

The terminal is for freight trains only. The nearest passenger station is Northampton Station.


Will the roadworks increase journey times?

Every effort has been made to minimise the impacts on journey times; however, the road network is very busy and some delay cannot be avoided. Please see our website for useful contact numbers

Other useful websites for traffic information:

How do we know if our journey time will be affected?

Please refer to our website

Where can we find traffic information?

Please refer to our website

Other useful websites for traffic information:

Why are the roadworks necessary?

The strategic road network around M1 Junctions 15, 15A, A508 and A45 is very congested at peak times. To create the necessary additional capacity to accommodate the new development the network needs to be improved. The proposed works will not only accommodate the additional development traffic but will also address some of the existing capacity problems

Have the works been planned in conjunction with other roadworks in the area?

We are working closely with the team in Highways England who are constructing a ‘smart motorway’ on the M1 between Junctions 13 to 16, which will convert the hard shoulder into a 4th traffic lane. This is a separate scheme and will be delivered during 2019 and 2022. Please see for further information

We are also liaising with Highways England and Northamptonshire County Council about other roadworks in the vicinity of the project to mitigate conflicts

Will the traffic management affect major events?

The scope and duration of the works means that they will overlap with major events; however, every effort will be made to minimise the extent of traffic management on the network during major events